Founder & Director

Divyang Shah

Life is priceless
A little carelessness can bring many diseases
Nectar also becomes toxic if used incorrectly.
This thought gave birth to HCR Ayurveda.

Because I know that due to the sedentary life of people and laziness of work, people can get diseases in their body in future and if we use the ayurvedic medicine of old ancient times it can improve the life of people.

And the use of Ayurvedic medicine does not cause any side effects in the body
And then I thought for this company whose name is HCR Ayurveda i.e. Health Care Remedies and the principle of this company will always be to take care of people’s health with Ayurvedic method because LIFE PRICELESS


Kushan Shah

HCR Ayurveda is an extension of my personality and my love for Ayurveda which always inspire me to live a healthy life in a holistic way. I truly believe that ‘Ayurveda’ has great power and wisdom to help us live a healthier life. As a Director, I believe that businesses should be done for human well-being.

At HCR Ayurveda, we’re constantly working to help you find the right balance between your mind, body and soul. To ensure this meaningful experience for you and your healthy life, we have incorporated the wisdom of ancient healing and for that, we are using Plant-Based Ingredients into our products.

“It’s time for us to live Healthy Life as Health is Wealth”

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