Ayurveda is known as the oldest, obsolete and obsolete scripture. This is a “life-style of life”. The origin of this scripture was 5000 years ago in India. Many Shishi / Munis have been writing or writing this scripture for our followers with many verbally verbal verbs. But some of its sections are not available to us. Natural remedies used in foreign countries are from the original Ayurveda. This is the first scripture in which the disease is removed with the help of body and soul. Ayurveda is a science of life. The Vedas and Scholars, Yogis and Gurus, which are handled by these scholars, are based on vegetation class and environment.

The true meaning of Ayurveda

According to etymology, Ayurveda is derived from two basic ideas- Ayu and Veda. Life is so long and Vedas, therefore, knowledge of scripture. Ayurveda emphasizes on preventing disease/disease and using proper and good herbs. This scripture helps in keeping health in balance. According to Ayurveda, life is a combination of knowledge, mind, body and soul. From this, it is possible that Ayurveda is not limited to the body’s characteristics only. There is a spiritual, mental, and social level scripture. This is one of the most beautiful/easy ways to live a healthy and healthy life.

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Ayurveda (pronunciation-aa-yoor-vey-da) is an ancient Indian’s mediated scripture. This is a typical system of natural hygiene. This scripture helps to maintain physical, mental, and emotional health with the help of nature (prakruti). This is a complete science. Not only is it available to people who are not only diagnosed with diseases. Various scriptures are included in this. E.g. Herbs, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Surgery, Shastra and Herbal remedies Modern Vector Shastra, which gives the impression of the symptoms of the disease. As Ayurveda raises the root cause of the disease through natural remedies, destroys the root cause of the disease and the disease and the patient’s power is enhanced.

Ayurveda is cured by the treatment of every patient. The body’s natural defence system is also efficient when the body is balanced in some amount of stress and energy source. And it can be easily prevented by the disease. In this, natural foods and mineral substances are used in refined form. Due to this reason, it does not have any kind of fear or side effect. Many people say that Ayurveda is a supernatural and progressive natural science.

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