When you wake up in the morning and when you sit for breakfast after the brushing, the first breakfast should be your exercise, because when we wake up in the morning, some joints of your body may be stuck, our stomach is on sleep mode and the brain is awake.

In such circumstances, after waking up and brushing, for 10-15 minutes, keeping the waist straight and take a deep breath. Your mind will be at peace.

80-90% of the world is suffering from hyper strain and acidity, the root cause of which is the nature and reliability of the people, and to overcome that we should take some steps.

Now after 15 minutes you can do exercise that will cause sweating in your body and that will flush out toxins from your body,  but while exercising, one thing should keep in mind, that exercise should be done according to your age and strength of your body.

In this way, when you exercise, when you give your body an hour, your body feels healthy and fresh

With ancient Ayurvedic and herbal methods, we can remove many diseases. HCR Formulation Pvt.Ltd(www.hcrayurveda.com) is company making products by using natural herbs. Ayurvedic literature has been given a great deal of importance in “Veda and Purano“.

Nowadays food items are impure, which affects our health which causes cancer too, so we should take care of our health because if you want to live longer then you have to take care of small things in your lifelike your routine and your lifestyle, to take the first step towards our health we should move for yoga and meditation.

Spend time with yourself.. spend 30 minutes per day with yourself. Talk to nature, spend time with nature, and in the true sense it is the only medicine for your mind and body.

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